Melted Candy: Gel Medium Sculptures by Emma Brooks

A sculpture made from poured and dried gel medium01_01

Sculptor Emma Brooks creates layered, colorful works that take on the appearance of melted candy. Flat, rounded sheets of poured gel medium create layers that reference the look of flower petals, book pages, coral formations, and numerous other natural and man-made objects.

A sculpture made from layers of black gel medium03_02


There’s something incredibly satisfying about Emma’s sculptures, and the way they seem to fuse to whatever surface they are created on. The majority of Emma’s sculptures are wrapped around bars of steel or other metals, a choice which I find creates a greater sense of tension in the works – one wonders if the blobs of gel medium might continue to melt, and eventually fall to the floor.

The front page of Emma Brooks' art websiteThe front page of Emma's website


In some of her earlier works, Emma experimented with installing the gel medium compositions on various existing objects and surfaces. I find this lends an interesting pseudo-organic sense to the works, as if they were  alien creatures.

A photo of a poured sculpture installed on a lighting fixture5


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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