Exuberant and Opinionated: Painting by Kev Harris

A painting of a woman dancing in a red dressWoven Brilliance, oil on Belgian linen

Kev Harris is a traditional painter based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kev grew up between Washington and Harlem, and is a U.S. Army veteran – his multitude of differing experiences have led to his exuberant and opinionated style of painting and selection of subject matter.

A warm painting of a woman in profileMelanated Textures, oil on canvas

Kev’s portfolio includes paintings in portraiture and landscape styles. I’ve really enjoyed browsing the artist’s portraiture portfolio – many of the works take a very close-up, literally in-your-face approach to portraiture, creating images that give the viewer an intimate and honest impression of each individual subject.

A screen capture of Kev Harris' portfolio websitewww.kevharrisart.com

The artist’s background informs some of his more political works, such as his paintings of the Black Panthers – as well as his works depicting the everyday. In figurative works, Kev captures dancers in mid-movement, as well as people at the beach, and relatively mundane, candid moments. His equally sensitive treatment of all his subject matter lends a certain human touch to every image.  

A black and white painting of police arresting members of the Black Panther PartyThe line up

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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