Circular Forms: Art by Lawrie Dignan

A drawing of a tree in front of a red barnWindbreak, pen and ink on paper

Illustrator Lawrie Dignan creates works in an innovative style of pointillism that, as the comparison suggests, relies on numerous small circular forms that come together to create detailed images. The artist’s works range from abstractions based on these circle shapes, to complex, layered landscapes.

A pen and ink drawing of colored buildings behind silhouetted treesBarnyard Shadows, pen and ink on paper


I really enjoy the way Lawrie combines form with color in his works. The nature of the style allows the artist to build up shades and gradients using dots of numerous different colors. The resulting images have a sense of volume and depth that belies the simplified mark-making used to create them. I also really enjoy the way Lawrie uses black dots to create silhouetted shapes in the foreground of his images – trees take on a dramatic, mysterious air when presented as black silhouettes in front of gradient skies.

A screen capture of Lawrie Dignan's online art portfolioLawrie's main website gallery


Lawrie’s particular style of working translates quite well into abstraction. One of his most recent available works showcases the formal aspects of his style by removing the color and presenting a picture plane completely covered in intricate designs of black and white dots.

A pointillist abstract in black and whiteCeltic, pen and ink on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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