Classical, Dignified Portraits: Art by Phil Boatwright

An oil painting of two young men standing in the woodsGeorge and Rivers, oil on canvas

Phil Boatwright got his start as a professional illustrator, and later transitioned into portrait art. Phil has been training as a portrait artist since 1992, and now works almost exclusively in the field, creating classical, dignified portraits of contemporary subjects.

A painting of a young woman in a blue dressMrs Susie Morris Baker, oil on canvas


Phil’s style is often near photorealistic, though I enjoy the way he maintains some sense of the artist’s hand in the soft blending of brush marks, and the occasional use of light chiaroscuro highlights, particularly in indoor settings. The goal of these portraits is both to render the subject accurately, and to create a timeless, intriguing image for the viewer.

A screen capture of Phil Boatwright's art websitePhil's portfolio website,

The artist’s portfolio also showcases some of his personal works, many of which feature pastoral scenery and cattle. Though the subject matter shifts, Phil’s treatment of his subjects remains just as dedicated and detailed. Each blade of grass and distant tree is painted with great patience and attention to detail. See more on Phil’s portfolio website, or check out Kumiko Buller or Judith Elsasser for more portraiture.

An oil painting of cattle grazing in a fieldGrazing the Blue Pasture, oil on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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