Legends and Icons: Art by Greg Stone

A pencil crayon drawing of the JokerThis city needs a better class of criminal..., colored pencil print

Self-taught artist Greg Stone specializes in drawings and paintings of heroes, villains, legends and icons. Based in Eastern Iowa, the artist has showcased his work at various comic conventions and other pop culture events.

A pencil crayon drawing of characters from the Wizard of OzWizard of Oz (1), colored pencil


Greg’s style features highly saturated colors and heavy, high-contrast outlines – a visual language that seems well suited to his chosen subject matter. I like the way the artist is able to adapt his style to suite the character or figure he’s drawing. This might manifest as darker colors and gritty, crosshatched lines for a scene of a boxing match, or in bright colors and simplified forms for a cubist-influenced depiction of a still from a music video.

The front page of Greg Stone's art websiteThe front page of Greg's portfolio


The artist takes figures and stylizes them just enough to simplify the forms into symbols, while still maintaining an instant sense of recognition. The result is a satisfying aesthetic, focused on the most memorable and attractive scenes to call an audience to attention.

A colorful painting depicting a scene from Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk music videoUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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