Warm, Bright Lighting: Art by Richard Ficker

A painting of a clean Florida beachUntitled


Florida painter Richard Ficker has been an art lover all his life, and recently returned to being a practicing artist after a long hiatus. Richard’s artworks are incredibly detailed and focus on warm, bright lighting, water, and lush foliage.

A painting of a mermaid surrounded by surreal ocean imageryUntitled

Living in Florida, many of the artist’s paintings are inspired by the landscape around him. I really enjoy the way Richard depicts Floridian beaches and seascapes – even the most mundane of shorelines becomes something special when Richard paints it. Scenery is rendered in incredible detail – the way Richard draws attention to the light hitting individual leaves of a plant reminds me of the landscapes of Jayne Crawford.

A screen capture of Richard Ficker's online art portfolioRichard's Surrealistic painting gallery


Richard’s gallery of surrealism presents a wild variety of subject matter and imagery, all painted into canvases that look psychedelic while still maintaining some sense of narrative. The bright, colorful, and intricately detailed works seem to shift and change with every look, as the viewer continually notices new, small details.

A painting of a giant octopus terrorizing a beachSushi Revenge, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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