Geometry of Language: Art by Pedro Gonzales

A painting consisting of dark blue shapes on a light blue background13-by-7


Pedro Gonzales creates mixed media artworks that deal with the geometry of language and numerical systems. Pedro’s colorful works often seem to be built up from a grid-like base, with the resulting compositions covering the picture plane in an even fashion built on some internal logic.

A painting featuring a complex arrangement of tiny formsStella-C

I quite enjoy Pedro’s paintings, and the way the artist is able to carve out a wide range of experimental aesthetics while still sticking to a cohesive formula throughout his portfolio. In his gallery of paintings, Pedro showcases a knack for color theory, with compositions based on overlapping contrasts of saturated and slightly textured color. It’s interesting to watch as elements of each painting come to the surface of fade into the background depending on the overall palette and organization.

A screen capture of Pedro Gonzales' art websiteThe front page of Pedro's art portfolio website


The artist’s works on paper depart slightly more from Gonzale’s compositional painting patterns. These works occasional seem like close-up views or deconstructions of the artist’s painted works. Elongated shapes in lighter colors, as well as spindly black lines, create a sense of microscopic structure when layered over planes of textured, almost gradient color.

A painting of paper of green hued shapesDouble nott

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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