Retro-Futuristic Aesthetic: Art by Johnathan Chapline

A painting of three-dimensional figurative forms in blue and pink tonesUntitled

Painter Johnathan Chapline was born in Georgia and lived in Texas before moving to Brooklyn, NY, where he is currently located. The artist’s works are neon-colorful with a hopeful, retro-futuristic aesthetic.

An abstracted still life painting of objects on a tableUntitled

Chapline’s works are abstracted, but maintain recognizable human and object figures. This deliberate, stylized abstraction combined with the three-dimensional depth of the paintings makes the works feel like early computer graphics simulations. The works use color and shadow to rich, enthralling effect, and the artist effortlessly shifts from cool, electric blue tones into the warm oranges and reds of an 80’s sunset throughout his portfolio and sometimes in a single painting.


Fittingly, Chapline has also worked with sculpture, creating tactile, three-dimensional forms that are interestingly flattened. Leafy plants in contoured vases are sliced out of material a couple of inches thick. With these sculptures, it’s as if the viewer can get inside the environment of one of Chapline’s paintings.

A sculptural diorama of Johnathan Chapline's workUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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