Stark and Eerie: Images by Jesse Draxler

A photo collage of an obscured faceUntitled

Mixed media artist Jessie Draxler works with photography, collage, and traditional drawing materials. The artist’s images are stark and eerie, often presenting off-kilter human figures and scrambled, partially obscured faces.

A black and white drawing of a simple faceUntitled


Jesse works almost exclusively in black and white, a choice that makes the works themselves seem mature and somehow mysterious, particularly when seen in series. I enjoy the way the artist presents just the right amount of visual information in each work – there’s enough here to latch onto, to form some opinion of the work, yet with each viewing I still get the sense of something hidden or encoded in each picture.


Jesse’s gallery of abstract works are frequently photographic, and present an unseen view of familiar phenomena. Some of these remind me conceptually of Jan Swinburne’s light photography, though the mood is significantly darker and heavier.

An abstract photograph of seafoamUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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