Studio Sunday: Liz Ainslie

A black and white photo of Liz Ainslie in her studio


Liz Ainslie is a painter who works out of a studio in Bushwick, New York. The artist’s current practice revolves around abstract oil paintings, in which imperfect geometric shapes fit together snugly, creating an overall impression of landscape or structure using only subdued colors and heavy, individually clear brush marks.


I love how warm and inviting Ainslie’s studio looks – the wood floors and brick wall add to the loft aesthetic of the whole space. The bricks, in particular, make me draw a comparison between this studio space, and the studio of Polly Morgan, a London-based taxidermist.


The large picture windows on the left side of the image must let in a lot of natural light, even in the winter, making the white wall -- where Ainslie is pictured installing a work – the ideal spot to hang paintings to check for color consistency and overall look.


I’m interested in the series of small image prints or photographs that are attached to the wall surrounding the window – are these related to Ainslie’s practice? Reference images? Inspiration? Perhaps they’re simply unrelated decorative photos. Either way, they add a nice humanizing touch to an already inviting space.


The artist is reported to spend some time outside of her studio creating plein-air and observational paintings of the surrounding countryside. I’d imagine that some of the work she creates in this studio space is informed by these forays into the outdoors, and those big windows in the studio must serve to reinforce the connection. Some of the artist’s paintings are visible in the photo, and the style of abstraction is reminiscent of the friendly forms of Thomas Nozkowski.  

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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