Tech Couture: Art by Angela Dale

A photo of a woman modelling a futuristic dressChameleon, model: Tessa Grenier, photo: Chuck Szmurlo

Angela Dale is a costume designer and textile artist who creates works of tech couture. Combining traditional sewing and garment-making techniques with innovative additions like light-up accents and digitally-rendered patterns, Angela’s practice gives us a glimpse into the future of fashion.

A photo of a woman modelling a futuristic fashion designElectrolove, model: Alexia Day, photo: Chuck Szmurlo


I like looking through Angela’s portfolio and seeing some of the creations the artist has produced for recent fashion events. Her gallery of fashion designs for the Make Fashion 2017 event have a stunningly futuristic, cyberpunk-style aesthetic. The incorporation of LED lights and panels and holographic fabrics is bold, but still manages to showcase the framework and design of the garments without overwhelming. The dresses themselves range from relatively simple to elaborately structured.

A screen capture of Angela Dale's portfolio websiteAngela's portfolio website,


Angela works with costume design, but also produces garments for everyday wear, which are available through her website shop. Leggings and scarves featuring intricate, psychedelic ink-blot patterns -- like the subtle fabric designs by Michael Shyka, kicked up a notch -- and make a cool opportunity to accessorize in full color.   

A design for custom leggingsTribal, leggings design

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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