Sturdy Metal Structures: Art by Michael Kinghorn

An outdoor metal sculpture with geometric linesOverhaul

Michael Kinghorn is a blacksmith and metal sculptor who creates sturdy metal structures that combine pure abstraction with a science-fiction aesthetic. Based in Wakefield, Quebec, the artist works with iron as well as variety of other metals.

A photo of a metalwork sphere in a gallerySphere


I like the way Michael combines a very hard-edged industrial aesthetic with a sense of almost childlike wonder in his pieces. Though he uses heavy sheets of metal, and hard, geometric structural shapes, the finished works always seem somehow friendly, and approachable. Though they seem inspired by the likes of Richard Serra, these aren’t cold monoliths to be installed in business districts, but rather objects that provide an interesting contrast to their surroundings. In many cases, images on Michael’s portfolio depict the sculptures placed in green spaces, among trees.

A screen capture of Michael Kinghorn's art websiteThe front page of Michael's art portfolio website


The artist also works on a smaller scale, creating unique tabletop sculptures to be shown in galleries, and as ornamental pieces. It’s interesting to get to see the process behind some of these works, like Michael’s Iridium Satellite.

A sculpture of a satelliteIridium 2014

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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