Single-Panel Political Cartoons by Chris Gill

A sarcastic single-panel comicclear

Cartoonist Chris Gill produces gestural sketches in traditional and digital media. Chris’ works are often styled in the manner of single-panel political cartoons, each image taking on a narrative quality when combined with a one-liner quip or observation.

A satirical political cartoon about the popular voteThe Popular Vote


I like the somewhat esoteric direction that Chris has been taking in some of his most recent drawings. While many of the artist’s cartoons directly reference topical issues and problems of everyday life, he often veers into the spiritual and philosophical, creating images that seem simple on the surface, but open up numerous routes of contemplation and conversation. The loose, sketch-like quality of Chris’ drawings gives them the feel of sudden thoughts and ideas, hastily jotted down, so the viewer gets the sense that they’re looking through the artist’s personal journal.

A screen capture of the front page of Chris Gill's art websiteThe front page of Chris' portfolio website


On occasion, Chris’ illustration seem to veer into total abstraction, which I find to be an interesting and surprisingly effective choice for these one-line comics. These abstract moments are often a bit darker in tone, and speak to a sense of confusion and disillusionment in modern life.


A digital drawing of a philosophical concept

Social Contract Copy 2

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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