Digitally Rendered Geometric: Art by Melissa Ann Lambert

A digital artwork with overlapping shapes in blueTriskelion

Melissa Ann Lambert is an artist who creates complex abstract compositions with digitally rendered geometric forms. Melissa’s works tend toward bright, cohesive color palettes and hard edges.

A digital artwork with stripes of blue and blackSupergravity

I enjoy the way Melissa uses a similar framing for each image – her works in a series all seem to be the same size and dimensions, which allows for the viewer to focus only on the internal composition and color of a work. Most of Melissa’s recent works are strict abstraction, though the artist does occasionally introduce figures into her pieces – some of these works were discussed in our previous feature of Melissa’s explorations of the self.

Melissa Ann Lambert's art portfolio websiteThe front page of Melissa's portfolio website


The works on Melissa’s portfolio really seem to embrace the digital medium. I like the way the artist maintains a very computerized sense of color. Rather than striving for lifelike color embedded in neutral landscapes, she plays with a very synthetic-feeling palette, with colors that look appropriate for an LCD monitor rather than a canvas.

A digital artwork with overwhelming red tonesMoxa

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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