Cohesive Cloudscapes: Art by Ian Fisher

A painting of clouds in blue and white tonesAtmosphere No. 82 (T-shirt & Jeans), oil on canvas

Ian Fisher is an artist based in Denver, Colorado, who specializes in airy paintings of cloudy skies. Ian’s paintings present an intense, studious focus on the changing texture and color of these cohesive cloudscapes.

A painting of a blue cloud on a black backgroundAtmosphere No. 85, oil on canvas

I really appreciate the way Ian uses blending and oil painting techniques in his works. Despite his very ethereal subject matter, he never seems to overwork the paintings, always leaving just enough concrete shape and shadow to lend volume to his clouds. The artist also brings a knowledge of color theory to his works, utilizing shadow and white color tints to bring elements to the foreground or push them back.  

A screen capture of Ian Fisher's art


Each time I feature Ian’s work I see some evolution in the artist’s method and manner of painting these vaporous structures. His use of color in recent paintings is subtle but offers an even clearer focus on shadow and volume than previous, more colorful pieces. A work might be rendered in grey and pale blue hues, but with a variance in tone that moves the viewer through the piece, taking us from dark storm to bright, fluffy clouds formations.

A painting depicting clouds in light and shadowAtmosphere No. 86, oil on canvas


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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