Naturalistic Bird Portraits: Art by Cody Blomberg

A drawing made with digital colorsHawk, Water, Poem, pencil and photoshop coloring

Cody Blomberg is a painter and mixed media artist who incorporates a variety of subjects into his work. Cody moves effortlessly between paintings and murals for children, conceptual paintings, and an ongoing series of naturalistic bird portraits.

An art print of a painting of an owlC-153 Horned Owl, art print on plywood with textured clearcoat and patina finish


I like looking through Cody’s gallery of bird paintings – while the subject matter here is more focused an narrow than anywhere else in the artist’s portfolio, the birds seem to sit neatly alongside the rest of the artist’s work. Birds appear in Cody’s children’s murals and in his drawings, and they become a common thread that ties the artist’s whole body of work together.

A screen capture of Cody Blomberg's art websiteThe front page of Cody's website


Cody’s more recent bird paintings have focused on larger species and  birds of prey. Owls, eagles and crows are painted realistically, with impressive attention to detail on the color-patterns of feathers, and texturing throughout the entire body. Similar background settings -- bare branches on dark blue backgrounds -- allow the viewer to examine the birds themselves as well-defined figures.  

An art print of two crows on a snowy branchC-155 Snowy Crow, art print on plywood with textured clearcoat and patina finish

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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