Bygone Days: Art by Dennis Worrel

A painting of a red-head girl in outdated dressRedhead Girl on wood, acrylic on board

Painter and printmaker Dennis Worrel creates images with a very distinctive, old-world aesthetic. With a portfolio full of imagery that draws on the photographic and artistic look of bygone days, the artist conjures a fascinating and inviting atmosphere.

An artwork depicting a carved lion statueSt. Mark Doorway


I’m really enjoying Dennis’ recent series of Antiquities. These works, which seem to combine the disciplines of painting and print, take antique and ancient sculptures and artefacts as subject. Dennis uses a very saturated color palette throughout this series, though he maintains a sense of subtlety by sticking to one or two colors on each image, or by introducing earthy neutrals in images that combine a larger range of hues.

A screen capture of Dennis Worrel's art websiteThe front page of Dennis' website


Rough, yet intricate line art depicting highly textured sculptural figures takes the forefront in these. In fact, the entirety of each image seems to celebrate texture. This soft, almost fibrous surface look amplifies the tension of two-dimensional works depicting three-dimensional art objects.

An artwork depicting a statue of DionysusDionysus

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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