Studio Sunday: Michael Sailstorfer

A photo of Michael Sailstorfer's studio space


This week’s Studio Sunday looks at Michael Sailstorfer. Based in Germany, Sailstorfer is known for sculptural installations that take recognizable objects as a starting point, then edits them into strange new constructions. The artist often uses machines or mechanical components in his work.


Sailstorfer’s studio is bright and large in this image. It looks like it has multiple rooms, as well -- or at least the pictured archway must lead into another space. I can imagine a studio of this size having a dedicated room for sanding, gluing, machining, or metalwork, especially given the nature of Sailstorfer’s media.


I love the high ceilings in this studio. They really create an airy, warehouse aesthetic for the whole space, and give the impression that there’s plenty of room to create some truly monolithic artworks. The eclectic assortment of items on the floor in this image hint at the large amount of work that is being produced in this studio at any given time. I would guess that Sailstorfer employs at least a few assistants to help him with this work, considering the many delicate processes involved with deconstructing machinery.


I also really like the design details on the archway, below the ceiling – I wonder if Sailstorfer sculpted these himself, or if they came with the space.


Sailstorfer’s works also extend outside of the studio space, with the artist creating natural interventions like pasting the fallen leaves back onto an autumnal tree, or slowly burning the wood of a rotting cabin in an interior fireplace. These works, by necessity, take place outside of the studio space – but undoubtedly some of the ideas were fabricated in the above pictured room.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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