Multimedia Assemblages by Tal Barel

A photo of a sculptural artwork by Tal BarelUntitled

New York and Tel Aviv-based artist Tal Barel works with room-installations and dreamlike multimedia assemblages. The artist’s work combines this wide range of disciplines into single pieces or gallery-filling series that seem to function as one object, conceptually.

A detail view of an artwork by Tal BarelUntitled (detail)


The artist’s recent series Recto Verso comprises a number of wood frame constructions that look like free-standing windows placed in the middle of a room. Supported by triangular brackets, the windows are then filled in with various objects, images, and colored panels. Something like the works of Dirk Stewen, the individual objects in each work combine in both their forms and their positioning to create a different, entirely new sense of meaning.


Previous series by Barel, like Fool's Gold, take a similar approach, with the objects spread across an entire exhibition space. In Gold, photographs of objects -- a taxidermy wolf, a book, a large crystal – are juxtaposed with traditional artworks to form whole pieces.

An installation photo of a gallery art showFool's Gold (installation view)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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