Dynamic Shapes: Sculpture by Carol Bove

An installation view of Carol Bove's sculpturesThe Equinox (installation view at MoMA NY)

Brooklyn-based artist Carol Bove is known for her large-scale sculptures of curved, abstract forms. Bove’s works with steel and concrete take on an interestingly organic aesthetic, with imperfect, dynamic shapes that seem to buck the traditional appearance of the media.

A photograph of a flat sculpture by Carol Bove on a rail roadMonel, silicon bronze and stainless steel


I really enjoy some of Bove’s recent gallery works, where sculptures with seemingly disparate forms and constructions are all placed in a grid-like arrangement in the center of the gallery floor. Smooth, white-painted curves are pictured next to grids of raw steel, and even more ethereal arrangements of what look like found scraps or hanging fabric. The contrast and tension between the individual pieces seems to paradoxically hold them all together.


The artist’s public sculptures often take a similar contrasting approach in their installation locations. In images, Bove’s highly polished, brightly painted sculptures seem to glow against backdrops of rusted train tracks and natural wood and stone.

A photo of a sculpture by Carol BoveCeleste, powder-coated steel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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