Studio Sunday: Pat Stier

A photo of Pat Stier painting in her studio


Studio Sunday artist Pat Stier was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1940 and now lives and works in New York. The artist is known for painting and printmaking in an abstract expressionist style. Her works are often monochromatic, and utilize splashing and dripping techniques to layer paint and other materials onto canvases.


Stier’s studio looks cool and well lit in this photo. I enjoy that in this photo (which is actually a video still from a documentary piece about Stier) you can see a single window, outside of which looks to be nothing but forest. It reminds me a bit of the window in Alexander Calder’s studio – although Calder’s window was much larger, it also looked out into wilderness and greenery.


The artist is known to have been inspired by Agnes Martin throughout her career, and I like how the simplicity of this space also harkens a little to Martin’s own studio. Stier herself looks poised for action in this photograph, holding her paint brush as if she’s just made a new mark on a painting and is taking a step back to determine her next step.


To Stier’s side, we see a table covered in large buckets of paint, and on the wall to the artist’s right, two paintings that look very similar in execution. It’s clear from the space and the supplies that Stier enjoys working on a large scale, and this looks like a great studio for such energetic art-making.


Pat Stier’s works have appeared in numerous solo exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. She has received awards from the Pratt Institute and from Boston University, and continues to produce art and hold exhibitions.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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