Rural Peace and Quiet: Art by Susan Lynch

A painting of a snowy scene at nightWinter Cabin, acrylic

Artist Susan Lynch creates works in a range of media including pastels, paints, and inks. Susan’s works frequently depict pastoral landscapes with rustic architectural elements, giving the viewer an impression of rural peace and quiet.

A pen and ink drawing of a house in ohioHouse Portrait-Ohio, pen and ink with color


I really like Susan’s series of house portraits and landscapes. The artist’s delicately realistic style shines in her depictions of homes and cabins in varying natural environments. Susan’s landscapes are primarily painted in acrylic, and seem slightly softer and more rounded at the edges, though no less detailed than her house portraits. Her house portraits, done in pen and ink, celebrate the right angles and hard lines of home architecture, though I like how the artist balances these lines by paying special attention to the surrounding landscaping and foliage.

A collection of hand-painted ornaments on Susan Lynch's art websiteSusan's gallery of glass ornaments


Susan doesn’t limit her painting practice to canvas and wood panel, either. The artist has been known to paint on a variety of surfaces, including glass baubles. Susan’s hand-painted glass ornaments feature custom imagery of homes and loved ones.

A glass ornament painted with a cat's faceCat Portrait Ornament

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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