Bright, Crisp Photos by Lisa Kane

A photo of two trees on a snowy ridgea pair

New York-based photographer Lisa Kane presents the urban and natural environment around her in sharp relief. Lisa’s bright, crisp photos are intently focused while still offering the viewer a number of different points of view and central subjects to contemplate.

A photograph of two gas pumps under the snowsnowy gas


I really enjoy looking through Lisa’s gallery of images from Syracuse, New York, the artist’s hometown. The images depict a variety of subjects, from old buildings, to water features, to close-up views of flowers. It’s interesting from a viewer’s perspective to see the particular moments that Lisa has chosen to immortalize from a place that she’s so familiar with. The photographs throughout her website remind me, as well, of the works of Kevin Callahan.

A screen capture of Lisa Kane's art


Lisa’s gallery of black and white photos features many beautiful moments. Whether it’s a simple image of a plant or tree on a neutral background, or an aerial shot that captures different elements of a city, these photos bring to the forefront details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

A black and white photo of a water tower in overgrowthpostcard

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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