Gestural and Painterly: Art by Barbara Haviland

An oil painting of a seaside bayDaisy Bay, oil on canvas

Texas-based painter Barbara Haviland works mainly in oil on canvas, depicting classical landscapes, still-life subjects, and more in a gestural and painterly style. Barbara’s works tend to focus on elements of lighting and the creation of natural-looking textures for rocks, trees, grass, and man-made materials.

An oil painting of daisies, sunflowers, and hydrangeasSunflowers, Daisies, Hydrangeas, oil on canvas


I really enjoy Barbara’s floral works – being able to see them all as a series on the artist’s website creates a lovely impression of numerous flowers captured and immortalized in paint. I find Barbara’s particular style of slightly loose, gestural, movement-focused mark-making very well suited to this subject matter. Individual flower petals are rendered in just enough detail to allow the viewer to parse them, but blended enough to create a totally cohesive composition when the painting is viewed from afar.

The front page of Barbara Haviland's art websiteBarbara's portfolio website,


Barbara experiments with a wide range of subject matter, adjusting her style just enough to accommodate vastly different textures. Her paintings of rusted-out cars sitting in natural scenes reminds me of David B. Scott’s Left To The Elements series.  

A painting of a rusted sedan in a fieldOld Rusty Sedan, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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