Queen of the Hallway: Collage by Jo Ann Tunnell Muench

A collaged image with a human figure alonside a train and mountainsUntitled

Jo Ann Tunnell Muench works under the moniker Sheena, Queen of the Hallway, creating surreal collages that call upon vintage advertising and the aesthetics of old family photographs to create narratives.

A collage with a woman fighting a bear in a hallwayUntitled


I really enjoy browsing through Jo Ann’s gallery of her “personal favorites” – collages that she’s produced that she likes. It’s interesting to see an artist’s portfolio arranged in such a way, and further, by looking at these works one really gets a sense of the artist’s ideal aesthetic. Many of the works in this gallery prominently feature female figures, often elegantly dressed and backed by architectural or even cosmic imagery. With the backgrounds and subdued, faded colors, the figures take on a mythological, goddess-like presence.

The front page of Jo Ann T Muench's art websiteThe front page of Jo Ann's portfolio website


Throughout her portfolio website, Jo Ann explains the thought process behind individual works. It’s interesting to learn about the works directly from the artist’s perspective, especially in the medium of collage where much of the imagery being used is pre-fabricated and found. Jo Ann’s works are also reminiscent of Tracy Jager.

A collage with four figures standing in front of a theatreHorror at the Theater

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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