Multi-Layered Pointillism: Art by Douglas Moulden

A mixed media painting of a thistleGlobe Thistle, mixed media on panel

Artist Douglas Moulden creates works of multi-layered pointillism, depicting natural subject matter like trees and leaves in gorgeous detail. The artist often works on irregularly shaped substrates, adding another organic element to the look and feel of the works.

A painting of flowing water with layered paint and panelsUntitled, mixed media and paint on panel


The recent work in Douglas’ portfolio showcases the artists increasing experimentation with rendering figures that exist in three dimensions, often having tree branches, leaves, and other details quite literally popping out of the picture plane. In paintings of multiple panels with many small interlocking pieces, the structure of the materials reflects the structure of the imagery – many small marks and moments coming together to form a cohesive image.

A screen capture of Douglas Moulden's art


Douglas’ paintings remind me, too, of Lawrie Dignan’s pointillist illustrations. Both artists use a similar style build on numerous tiny color marks to build up an image that’s full of life. Particularly in Douglas’ works, I find his slightly elongated marks create a sense of flow and movement, as if each of his trees is caught in a sudden wind.

A painting of a tree blowing in the windThings Are Looking Up, mixed media on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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