Painterly Still-Life Works: Art by Kathie Selinger

An acrylic painting of some cherries in a bowlCherries, acrylic paint

West coast-based Canadian artist Kathie Selinger works primarily with figurative subjects, creating painterly still-life works and colorful animal portraits. The artist’s hand is exuberantly visible throughout her portfolio, and the works seem as much a celebration of their subjects as of the act of painting itself.

A painting of colorful treesCandy Floss Trees, acrylic paint

I really appreciate the way Kathie uses color – sometimes it’s deployed as a method of creating shading and depth in a realistic scene, while at other times the artist seems to use it with abandon, creating dreamlike compositions that are based on nature, but tempered through an imaginative lens. The latter use is clear in some of Kathie’s landscapes, where trees become bright pink and golden bulbs or candy floss, or in her bear portraits, in which some of the subjects display electric blue or green-tinged fur.

The front page of Kathie Selinger's art websiteKathie's portfolio website,


I also quite enjoy Kathie’s abstractions. These works seem somehow more quietly focused than the artist’s figurative works, though their use of color and brush marks is not less enthusiastic. While in many of her abstractions the artist relies on earthy tones to ground the image, recent explorations have utilized brighter, primary hues.

An abstract composition with blues and yellowsFandango, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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