Textured, Painterly Style: Art by Ginger Garrett Arthur

A painting of trees and a path in front of a body of waterSparkling Morning

Ginger Garrett Arthur is a painter based in Philadelphia. Working in a textured, painterly style the artist captures scenes from the local landscape, including florals, seascapes, and architectural moments.

A painting of some lanterns hung in darkened treesSummer Evening Pastorius

I like looking through Ginger’s portfolio and seeing the ways in which the artist utilizes a classical sort of impressionist style to capture more contemporary scenes. The resulting works reference a great deal of art history while still maintaining their space in the modern world. Skies, water, and large areas of greenery are rendered with heavy, confident brush marks, giving the viewer such clear evidence of the artist’s hand that it’s almost as if one can follow the painting’s progress from start to finish.

The gallery of available paintings on Ginger Arthur's art websiteGinger's gallery of available paintings


Ginger’s seascapes, in particular, remind me a little bit of recent works by Nella Lush – Ginger does a good job of capturing a not-quite-blue sky in some amount of turmoil, lending greyish clouds a heavy texture and distinct coloration, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the scene.

A painting of plants in front of a housePlant Sale!

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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