Imaginative New Worlds: Art by Carolina Seth

A painting of a Japanese mythological figureYuki-Onna, acrylic on panel

Born in Spain and now based in Washington, DC, Carolina Seth is a painter and illustrator who specializes in depicting imaginative new worlds and dreamlike scenes. Carolina works primarily in acrylic paint and colored pencil, with many of her works centered on human (or human-like) figures.

A painting of a female figure with blue hairPlenty, watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper


Throughout her portfolio, Carolina sticks to a certain color scheme that I find quite inviting. Pale tints of blue, purple, and pink lend each image a cool temperature, as if each painting and drawing depicts a snowy, winter scene. These cool colors combine with frequently vibrant hues in the hair and eyes of Carolina’s figures to make images straight out of sci-fi comic book. Many of the works remind me of work by illustrative painters like Megan Majewski or Rebecca Chaperon, who also favor female figures and dreamlike settings.

A screen capture of Carolina Seth's art


Carolina also works partly in sculpture, creating adorable ceramic pendants and ornaments. Hand sculptured and painted, these tiny figures have just enough detail to give them a sense of personality, and with a similar bright color scheme they all look sweet and friendly.

A small cold ceramic sculpture of a simple figureLittle Pumpkin (pendant), hand sculpted cold porcelain

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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