Spaces in Between: Art by Rachel K. Bury

An artwork made from rolled-up tubes painted with an imageNo Need for Other Worlds (for precisely the same reasons), acetate, acrylic, matte medium, wood

Rachel K. Bury creates abstract artworks that toe the line between sculpture and painting, exploring the notion of spaces in between. Rachel’s paintings consist of a series of cylindrical that arranged on a wall to form a “flat” surface.

A painting made on rolled up acetate tubesIts Path (inner eye), acetate, acrylic paint, matte medium, wood


I enjoy the tension between two and three-dimensional interpretations of Rachel’s artwork. The artist doesn’t simply arrange the tubes that make up her works along a flat rectangular plane, but rather adjusts their positioning so that each work takes on an appearance that’s somewhat akin to a musical instrument, like a church organ. The dynamic arrangements lend an additional layer of symbolic meaning to each work.

A gallery of work on Rachel K. Bury's art websiteRachel's gallery of 2016 works


In recent pieces, Rachel seems to be playing with abstraction versus figuration in her works, as well. Each piece in her 2016 series seems, at a glance, as though it might be figurative – but upon closer inspection, the painted imagery is fragmented and distorted seemingly just beyond the bounds of literal interpretation.

An abstract painting made on rolled up tubes of acetateMay Be Sleep (bad dreams), acetate, acrylic paint, matte medium, wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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