Studio Sunday: Tal R

A photo of Tal R in his art studio


Studio Sunday artist Tal R was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and grew up in Denmark, where he studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. R is known for wildly colorful paintings that express simplified, almost naïve-style figures in a straightforward manner. More recently the artist has also delved into abstract sculpture.


R’s studio looks like a fun place to be, in the above photo. It’s packed with bizarre sculptural shapes in bright colors – the artist himself is playfully posed, covering his face with one of his works. Some of the works look like recent pieces by Ugo Rondinone, giant, colorful chunks of foam or plaster.


I love that sofa that R is pictured sitting on. Its colorful striped pattern seems to reflect the colors that are found on R’s works in throughout the rest of his studio – I wonder if the couch was custom made, or just a lucky find by the artist.


I also notice a bunch of smaller objects in similar pastel hues lined up on that cupboard by the window of the studio. I wonder if these are also works, or if the artist has gotten into collecting the objects, perhaps using them as inspiration.


Spatially speaking, the studio looks relatively small, at least from this angle. From the big picture windows it appear as though the studio looks down on a street or alley. The interior of the space is packed, every corner bursting with artwork and supplies – even the floor is covered with a variety of colorful carpets.


Tal R describes his style of work as “kolbojnik,” a Hebrew word meaning “leftovers.” The artist’s manner of almost lowbrow, energetic painting certainly calls to mind found objects and creative use of materials on hand.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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