Steampunk Assemblages: Art by Linda Cohen

A mixed media artwork with steampunk imagerySteampunk, mixed media on canvas-wrapped board

Missoula, Montana-based artist Linda Cohen creates unique steampunk assemblages from a wide range of materials and textures. Linda has a background in professional floral arrangement, and uses this knowledge of layering to create her current works.

An art piece made with discarded computer parts and wooden gearsUntitled, wooden gears and found computer parts on wood tray


I’m really enjoying browsing through the galleries on Linda’s website. While her overall aesthetic celebrates the shiny gears and earthy brown tones of classic steampunk, I also see a lot of interesting departures from that sphere. In her Industrial Art gallery, Linda takes her work in something more of a cyberpunk direction, utilizing lost and forgotten computer components like keyboards and circuits to create compelling, sculptural abstracts.

A screen capture of Linda Cohen's art websiteThe front page of Linda's art website


Also of particular interest is Linda’s gallery of Wearable Art – it’s a natural place for her love of clocks and gears to shine. The jewelry pieces currently on view in this gallery take their form from old pocket watches, however, instead of a clock face, they display a one-of-a-kind composition of tiny components, making for a fascinating conversation piece.

A piece of jewelry made from a pocket watch casingTime Piece

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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