Tranquil Ambiance: Art by Laura Spring

An abstract acrylic painting of a wintery blue gradientWhite Nights 2, acrylic on canvas

Laura Spring draws on a background in architecture and ceramics in her art practice, creating paintings that convey a tranquil ambiance through simple color schemes and negative space. Each of Laura’s works showcases not only the artist’s hand, but the texture and material of the paints and the canvas.

A painting of an icy ocean sceneBaltic Bereeze, acrylic on canvas


I’m really taken by the works in Laura’s Blues gallery. Each work is distinct and abstract, though the cohesive color palette and compositions often create the impression of peaceful seascapes, or slightly cloudy skies. The works in this series seem to flip between very subdued gradients, running from white to deep blue, to all-over blue compositions with abstract line art details sometimes etched into the surface of the painting.

A painting gallery on Laura Spring's art websiteLaura's Neutral gallery on her portfolio website


Laura’s composition style is consistent throughout her portfolio, leaving room for her color selections to really shine. In her Vibrant gallery, color becomes the focus, and even negative space is no longer left white, but filled in with neutral greys. In some of these works, moment of text are hidden beneath exuberant brush marks, adding another dimension of meaning.

An abstract painting in gold and red tones with textMaybe I am Still Searching, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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