Color-Saturated Compositions: Art by Rayne Tunley

A watercolor painting of a still lakeAfternoon, Canoe Lake, watermedia

Rayne Tunley is a Canadian artist and art educator currently based in Ontario. Rayne’s body of work primarily features watercolor paintings with color-saturated compositions that mimic the liquidity of the medium.

A watercolor painting of an abstracted blue fieldDusk's Kiss, varnished watercolor


The works in Rayne’s gallery of watercolor paintings are fascinating – I’m impressed by how the artist is able to innovate with a medium that is often so tricky to control. Most of the compositions oscillate between sweeping landscapes and near-monochromatic abstractions, and a saturated, electric blue hue comprises a large part of the color palette. Even when Rayne is painting a grassy field, the aesthetic of the work seems to reference water, tying it back to the medium.

A screen capture of Rayne Tunley's art websiteThe front page of Rayne's art website


I’m also quiet interested in Rayne’s drawings – these black and white compositions seem abstract at first, yet when viewed alongside her watercolor landscapes they seem more like close-ups of undulating forms, like ocean waves or the grooves in a tree trunk. Some remind me of work by Ryan Tippery, though smoother, and less rustic in terms of subject.

A charcoal drawing of flowing abstract linesEfflorescence, charcoal

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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