Between Disciplines: Art by James Lutzko

A painting made in dark blue hues with glossy epoxyBE-1401, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat

Calgary-based artist James Lutzko creates artworks that span medium and subject matter, meeting to create interesting intersections between disciplines. Much of James’ work is focused around the idea of space, and intuitive creation.

A painting made with cracked, heavily layered green pigmentGC-1601, oil on canvas with high-gloss epoxy topcoat


I really enjoy James’ into Abstract and Spatial Expressionism. The artist himself notes that Lucio Fontana has played a role in shaping his work, and it’s interesting to see the work that’s come out of that inspiration. The paintings in this gallery tend toward monochromatism, with most appearing as gradients of one or two similar hues. Visible brush marks cross over the breadth of the canvas, yet still, there isn’t much of a sense of the artist’s hand.

A screen capture of the front page of James Lutzko's art websiteThe front page of James' portfolio website


It’s interesting to see these abstractions next to James’ plein air paintings and other figurative works. In his landscapes, particularly, the same spatial sense often comes into play – the artist is quite good at portraying areas as vast, even while populating his images densely with trees and architectural elements.

A painting of trees and foliage falling over the Bow riverHigh water on the Bow, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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