Color and Energy: Art by Skai Fowler

An abstract painting with bright colors and black line artLoves Passion, Profound, acrylic on canvas

Vancouver-based artist Skai Fowler is a painter who has worked in arts administration alongside her practice for decades. In her personal practice, Skai creates abstract images with a focus on color and energy, covering canvases in saturated, warm hues.

A painting of a complex field with black curled linesLove's Happiness, acrylic on canvas


I really like the color palette that Skai has been working with in her recent paintings. Looking through the gallery on her portfolio website, I see deep splashes of orange and yellow, tempered with darkened planes of blue and purple. Each painting seems layered, inviting the viewer to closely examine it, following the artist’s brush marks around the entire surface.

A screen capture of Skai Fowler's recent painting gallerySkai's gallery of recent paintings on her portfolio website


Many of these recent paintings by Skai have incorporated more line art, in the form of curved, narrow black lines that scrape across the canvas, sometimes in a buzzing, whirling manner like the mark-making of Cy Twombly. I find in many cases the lines suggest floral forms, though they hover just over the line of abstraction, serving as paths to draw the eye through the work, and to offer a visual anchor for the color.

A painting with a series of colors and lines reaching upwardUnwrap Me, acrylic and ink on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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