Picture Book Studio: Art by Valerie Lesiak

A digital illustration of a whimsical hourglassSweet Dreams: A Whimsical Hourglass

Valerie Lesiak produces illustrations for freelance clients and for herself, working under her moniker Picture Book Studio. The artist’s works are colorful and kid-friendly, often featuring animals and simple text elements as subjects.

A diigital illustration of a butterfly based on the form of the letter BB is for Butterfly


I enjoy the welcoming, whimsical tone that Valerie achieves through her digital artworks. These illustrations are built upon a simplified, cartoonish style – the way the artist layers of planes of color often creates the appearance of cut, collaged paper, giving each work a charming, hand-done aesthetic. In Valerie’s recent series Alphabet Soup, the artist’s knack for children’s book illustrations really shines.

A screen capture of Valerie Lesiak's art websitewww.picture-book-studio.com


Each letter of the English alphabet is given its own individual artwork, with the letters themselves incorporated into scenarios as figures and objects. The letter A, for example, becomes a rainbow, supporting an ark of animals. In another work, it turns into the legs and body of a dog.

A digital illustration of a rainbow shaped like the letter AA is for Ark

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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