Well-Placed Marks: Art by Harry Stooshinoff

An abstracted painting of a wintry landscape at nightNight Walk, acrylic and collage on gessoed masonite

Harry Stooshinoff is a painter based in northern Ontario. A prolific creator, Harry mostly paints on a small scale, producing small, square landscape paintings that depict vast, rolling expanses of nature with a minimal number of well-placed marks.

A painting of a springtime landscapeQuiet Wait, acrylic, pencil and collage on gessoed masonite


I like the way Harry divides the paintings on his website into series by season. Each season seems to favor a particular color palette – the Winter landscape paintings are built upon strokes of blue and white; Spring has more saturated greens and blue skies, while Autumn showcases darkened, rainy skies with deep grey tones. The amount of perceptual detail and scale that Harry packs into each work is impressive: the artist has developed an interesting visual language all his own, depicting trees and houses with single marks.

The front page of Harry Stooshinoff's art websiteThe front page of Harry's portfolio website


It’s interesting to see Harry’s landscape paintings alongside his abstract collages. The latter works utilize a very similar compositional style to the former, and despite the deliberate abstraction, one can still almost see the forms of fields, mountains and bodies of water in the larger planes of painted color.

A painting of a beach under a slightly cloudy skyWest Beach, August 31, acrylic and pencil on gessoed masonite

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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