Lightly Abstracted Photographs by G. W. Jones

An edited photo of a tree lined landscapeUntitled

Gary Jones, a.k.a. G.W. Jones, creates lightly abstracted photographs that seek to capture a deeper sense of the world around us. Gary’s works often center on older architectural forms, as well as nature – in particular, avian subjects.

A photograph of an angelic statueUntitled


I enjoy the way Gary brings some level of abstraction and impressionist visual language into his photographs. While his subjects are for the most part immediately recognizable, the artist’s use of subdued or overlaid color and blurred areas lends the photos a more pressing sense of narrative. Gary’s series, Angels of Our Nature, exemplifies the experimental side of his practice – these clearly recognizable angel sculptures are imbued with a sense of spiritual power through the use of deliberate soft-focus and hazy colors.

The from page of G.W. Jones art websiteThe front page of Gary's art website


In some of his nature photography, Gary opts for a cleaner, crisper approach. His series Moments of a Reddish Egret showcases a majestic egret in high detail, allowing the viewer to seemingly examine each individual feather for a truer-than-life image.

A photograph of a reddish egretUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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