Psychedelic Skeletons: Art by Charlie Immer

A painting of a purple skull leering from green barsPeepers Redux

Charlie Immer is a Maryland-based artist who paints figurative scenes of psychedelic skeletons and other playfully grotesque subjects. The artist favors a bright color palette and a smooth, tight painting style.

A painting of a skeleton adorned with fruitFruity


I really like the aesthetic that Immer has developed in his overall painting practice. While the subject matter of his work tends to be macabre, the images themselves are fun, and even cute. The tension between style and subject matter places these paintings in a very contemporary moment, celebrating a kind of optimistic nihilism.


Immer’s style of painting focuses a lot on texture, as well, though the texture is not always expected. The artist’s skeletal figures are often depicted in movement with impossible bends and curves, creating a rubber-like tactility that belies their boney existence. Shining, dripping wax and slime contrasts with paper fur and skin to create a well-rounded sense of existence in each scene.

A painting of a large skeleton in a darkened spaceOld Bones

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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