Studio Sunday: Gabriel Orozco

A photo of Gabriel Orozco's home work space


This Sunday let’s take a look at the studio of Gabriel Orozco. Orozco is a Mexican artist who works in a range of media including photography, drawing, sculpture, and installation. Orozco divides his time between Mexico City, New York, and Paris.


The artist has said that he doesn’t actually have a dedicated “studio” but instead devotes a space in each of his homes to creating artwork on a smaller scale.  The above photo shows his work space in the basement of his New York home – it looks like a small, cozy setup. Orozco’s laptop is covered in superhero stickers and positioned in a dimly lit space at a homey looking desk.


In the background I see some artworks that might be older pieces by Orozco, or some work by artists that he admires. Having this art very prominently on the wall furthers the sense of playful, comfortable inspiration in this space – it definitely looks like a “studio” where I would want to spend a lot of time, pondering ideas, or getting small-scale drawings or writing done.


Behind the laptop, a lamp, a sofa, and what looks like some stacks of papers or books gives the space a lived-in look. Even if Orozco divides his time between this home and two others, it seems he spends a lot of time in this room.


Orozco is represented in New York by the Marian Goodman Gallery, by Galerie Chantal Crousel in Paris, and by Galeria Kurimanzutto in Mexico City. The artist has participated in several Biennales including the Venice Biennale and the Whitney Biennale, as well as appearing at Documenta in 1997 and 2002. His artworks have received numerous awards throughout the world.

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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