Bodily Language: Choreography by Brice Noeser

A photo of Brice Noeser during a dance performanceBrice during a performance (photo by Jean-Francois Duke)

Brice Noeser is a dancer and choreographer known for his contemporary, gestural approach to movement and bodily language. Originally from Quebec, Brice moved to France and began honing his dance practice at the age of 16.

Teaser video for Ruminant Ruminant


I enjoy watching clips of some of Brice’s many performances and pieces of choreography on his website. The movements that the artist devises are gestural, humorous, and occasionally tend toward the absurd. I find Brice’s choreography refreshing – his movements express an obvious skill and knowledge of dance techniques, but it’s also interesting to see an artist acknowledge the sense of the bizarre in contemporary dance.

The front page of Brice Noeser's dance websiteThe front page of Brice's website


Throughout his career thus far, Brice has created his own solo routines, as well as collaborating with and choreographing other dancers. In the Recherches section of Brice’s online portfolio, the artist showcases a collection of his thoughts and research ideas for various dance projects. It’s interesting to be able to see not only the finished movements, but the thought process that went into these routines.  

A photo of Brice Noeser performing Brutus et SabulleBrice and Isabelle Gagnon performing Brutus et Sabulle

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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