Personal and Sentimental: Art by Jodi Mellick

A sculpted fairy doll with auburn hairAubrey, polymer clay, mohair, fabric, wood base, plastic wings, eyelashes, painted eyes, feathers

Jodi Mellick uses her art practice to express notions of beauty with a focus on the personal and sentimental. Working a variety of media including painting and sculpture, Jodi creates works that hearken to a bygone era.

A painting of an Edwardian teal dressEdwardian Teal, acrylic on canvas

I’m quite impressed by Jodi’s works of sculpture – the artist creates lifelike dolls, complete with hair, clothing, and delicately rendered expressions and facial features. Sculpted from polymer clay and embellished with fabrics, painted details, and even eyelashes, these fairy and elf figures have a friendly charm to them that goes hand in hand with their skillful construction.

A screen capture of a gallery on Jodi Mellick's art websiteJodi's gallery of wedding gown paintings


In her painting practice, Jodi creates thoughtful portraits of gowns and occasionally suits. Privately, the artist renders dresses from the Edwardian era in impressive detail, each painting focused on a central mannequin figure. The artist also takes commissions for custom paintings of wedding gowns, providing customers with a unique and lovely way to immortalize a special outfit.

A custom painting of a wedding gownCustom Wedding Gown

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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