Melting Ice Cream: Art by Deirdre Hofer

A photograph of an ice cream cone on the groundCone Pour

Vancouver-based artist Deirdre Hofer creates multimedia artworks that explore memory and sensation. Deridre takes unexpected objects as motif, often utilizing melting ice cream cones and snowmen to express the passage of time, among other concepts.

A mixed media artwork depicting six ice cream conesSix Cones 2, collage, acrylic and graphite on illustration board


I rather enjoy Deirdre’s work with ice cream cones. Whether she’s utilizing real ice cream, photographing or recording the melting process in real time, or creating static images of cones in various states, the works contain an undeniable blend of playfulness and nostalgia. In her mixed-media collage series Cones, the artist depicts the rounded, ice cream dome as a fragmented, abstracted image that calls to mind many different things at once, none of them concrete.

A screen capture of the front page of Deridre Hofer's art


Deirdre’s recent series Fallen explores memory by combining a physical installation of apples on the table and floor of a constructed room with several still-life paintings of apples. The paintings, similar yet wholly different from the apples in the space itself, seem to offer glimpses into a future recollection of the real space.

A detail from an installation artwork featuring paintings of applesFallen (detail), projection, framed oil paintings, lamp, wooden table, wallpaper, apples

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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