Unique, Handmade Ceramics: Crain Art Studio

A ceramic box adorned with bright colors and patternsTall Tree Box

Cathy Crain, along with her daughter Carie and granddaughter Sharae, create work under the umbrella of Crain Art Studio. With a focus on unique, handmade ceramics, Crain produces custom works at the request of customers, as well as original, personal artworks.

A photo of two ceramic horsesPaint Horses - small, hand-sculted, Raku-fired clay


I’m quite taken by the overall aesthetic of the Crains ceramic works. While the trio does produce vessels and boxes that would offer great utility in the home, the focus of their ceramic work is on ornamental sculpture. In particular, the Crains have a clear affinity for horses and have developed a specific and original take on the form of these animals. Starting with a basic general shape, the artist adds extra embellishment in the form of paints and glazes, and even material adornments.

The front page of Crain Art Studio's websitewww.crainartstudio.com


I really enjoy the color scheme that’s utilized throughout the Crain Art Studio portfolio. Warm tones of yellow and red tend to form the basis of a sculpture’s body, while deep blues and greens show up frequently as accents. The bright, jewel toned colors are reminiscent of ceramic works by Jack Caselles or Erika Hagen.

A sculpture of a stylized horse grazingGrazing Horse, hand-sculpted, Raku-fired clay

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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