Anatomical and Medical Illustrations by Carey Pelto

An illustration of the anatomy of the head and neckHead and Neck Anatomy, digital pencil and airbrush

Carey Pelto has a professional background in both illustration and medicine, and now combines the two in his art practice. Specializing in anatomical and medical illustrations, Carey depicts the human body with a delicate, yet frank and honest sensibility.

A cover illustration for a surgical journalThe Ghosts of Surgery


It’s interesting to see Carey’s medical illustrations alongside more classically-inspired figure paintings and drawings. Each seems to inform the other, with the artist altering his style and coloring methods slightly to suit different media. Carey’s watercolor paintings, for example, retain a gestural, momentary appearance, while his journal cover illustrations take on a more narrative look and feel, with detailed images rendered in slightly soft, well-blended colors.

A screen capture of the front page of Carey Pelto's art


The artist’s legal medical and textbook illustrations, on the other hand, are usually presented in specific detail, with a single, focused portion of a figure fully-rendered. On white backgrounds, Carey’s drawings offer little distraction and present highly specific anatomical models on plain white backgrounds.

An illustration of an airway obstruction leading to sleep apneaAirway Obstruction -- Sleep Apnea

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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