Short Prose: Writing by Frédérick Wolfe

An illustration by Marie-Eve Tremblay for Des roches plein les pochesDes roches plein les poches, illustration by Marie-Ѐve Tremblay


Frédérick Wolfe is a French-Canadian author and screenwriter. Frédérick has produced writing for a number of television series, as well as a children’s novel and several pieces of short prose for the Prix de la Nouvelle Radio-Canada.


Bing Bang - serie documentaire


I’m really interested in Frédérick’s children’s book, “Des roches plein les poches” (Pockets Full of Rocks.) In collaboration with illustrator Marie-Ѐve Tremblay, Frédérick has written a short story concerning a solitary young girl named Alice. Taking a visual, literal metaphor that’s understandable for children as its center point, the story explores how young people can navigate important moments by themselves, and find inner strength.

The front page of Frederick Wolfe's art websiteThe front page of Frédérick’s artist portfolio website


I also like being able to read through some of Frédérick’s Prix de la Nouvelle entries on his portfolio website. These works take a sensitive approach, weaving stories with a small scope that focus on human interaction, such as in Le Sablier Géant (The Giant Hourglass), where the author recounts interactions with patients in a hospital.


Conseil de famille

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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