Headlines: Sprinkles, One Basquiat, La Salle

1) Museum of Ice Cream Creates Sprinkle Crisis

A photo of a woman at the Museum of Ice Cream sprinkle pool


The Miami installation of the travelling Museum of Ice Cream exhibition is facing some steep fines after being found guilty of contaminating local waters with (what else?) candy sprinkles. Local authorities have charged the institution with $5,000 in fines for contaminating the waters and endangering local marine wildlife. The so-called Sprinkle Plague originates from a pool of sprinkles, housed within the exhibit, that guests are invited to jump into and “swim” through. Predictably, it’s nearly impossible to remove all the sprinkles from clothing, shoes, hair and skin before exiting the museum, so those tiny bits of decorative sugar end up in all sorts of places that they shouldn’t.


2) Worcester Makes Case for Possible Leonardo

A photo of the exterior of the Worcester Art Museum


The Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts is making the case that a painting that’s been in its collection for decades should, in fact, be attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci. This comes on the heels of still unresolved claims that Salvator Mundi, that record-breaking Christie’s auction piece, isn’t even an authentic Leonardo. A new exhibition, opening in March and titled “The Mystery of Worcester’s Leonardo,” puts forth evidence and claims that A Miracle of Saint Donatus of Arezzo, a painting dating back to the 15th century which has been in the museum’s collection since the 40s, is a lost work by the famed renaissance master.


3) La Salle's President Defends Decision to Sell Artworks

The hall where La Salle University's art museum is housed


La Salle University president Dr. Colleen Hanycz is defending the University’s controversial decision to auction off a number of artworks that had been housed in its renowned art museum. According to Hanycz, while the sale of 47 artworks is not ideal, the money will serve the “higher purpose” of helping the University continue to offer quality programming for its current and future students. The auction is expected to bring in roughly $7 million USD, much of which will go toward developing student support programs for the University’s Momentum 2022 initiative.


4) An Exhibition for A Single Basquiat Painting

The Basquiat in question


A painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat that sold last spring for a record-breaking $110.5 million USD is set to have its own one-work exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Opening January 26th, the exhibition is aptly titled “One Basquiat,” and marks the beginning of what sounds like a lengthy journey for the painting. Owner Yusaku Maezawa has been quite open about his purchase of and general appreciation for the painting since the auction last May, and an Instagram post by the collector from November indicates that the piece will be exhibited around the world.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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