Intersections of Color: Art by Bruce Meberg

A painting of concentric squares in different huesRectangle Alpha, acrylic on canvas

Artist Bruce Meberg creates colorful abstractions, using intersections of color and media to explore other earthly systems on a micro and macro scale. Bruce allows space for gravity and accident in his process, creating works that are equal parts meticulous and intuitive.

A painting of abstract shapes that seem to form dancing figuresPrimal Dance, acrylic and texture on canvas


I enjoy Bruce’s resin compositions on wood – the shiny, glassy quality of the resin creates an interesting extra dimension for these soft abstract works. Patches and planes of color ooze into one another, calling to mind the oil works of Helen Frankenthaler, but with a firmer, more present sense of materiality. In our previous feature we explored Bruce’s artworks as a place where scientific discipline meets pure creativity, and these works are no exception, with the abstract forms and colors appearing reminiscent of microscopic colonies, and nebulas in outer space.

A screen capture of Bruce Meberg's art websiteBruce's portfolio website,


Bruce’s acrylic paintings are a wonderful exercise in color theory. I really love the way the artist constructs each image, with special attention paid to the layering of colors, and the points where the colors meet.

A mixed media artwork made with resin and pigmentCaramel Red Waterfall, raw pigment and resin on aluminum panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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