Op-Art Images by Mary Crockett

An abstract painting with blue and neutral tonesTile (Kiss), oil on canvas

Mary Crockett produces geometric abstract prints with bright, inky colors. Working with paint and printmaking techniques, Mary creates op-art images that provide an intriguing challenge for the eye.

An etching of radiating blue linesVortex, etching


I really enjoy the way Mary balances heavy, opaque shapes with lines in her print work. The artist’s focus seems to oscillate between color and form, creating an interesting balance in most of her works. Even when the focus seems to be on line art, touches of subtle color creep through to add an extra dimension of visual interest.

The front page of Mary Crockett's art websiteThe front page of Mary's art website


Mary also explores pattern in many of her works. Rarely do her works follow a straight repeating pattern across the entirety of the canvas, however. In more cases a pattern seems to appear, but is overlaid or interrupted by unique shapes and patches of color. This is especially prevalent in Mary’s paintings, where repeating, deep blue motifs are mixed with lighter yellows and patches of white.

A painting with blue tones and linesSummer, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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